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Phi Nu Sigma Events

The Big Swtich -- Monday, October 25 2004

Well.. this weekend we have done the BIG SWITCH.. to our new host. So far so good.. it's going fairly smooth. And i'm excited :) Read up more about our new host in the reviews section of the site.

- Sabre777 -

So it was a Party -- Monday, April 5 2004

This happened back in februrary but i kind of forgot to put it up
heres the pics that were fit to put up..hell some arnt fit to put up but here they are anyways ;)

this is billy...getting mollested by the girls...yah he looks sad

i dont even know who this is..but it looked like a great pic!


Lee..hes prolly talking bout all the peoples he's killed..listing them one by one..muahhaha

some girls kissing...yah you can get an idea why these parties are so popular with the males

this dude..hes an ass...caused some trouble now i havent seen him around..oh well...later!

this be mike...till has teezee mike!

mike and shannon..dont they look cute...and thats a stripper that doesnt like me (rosco) cause i dont kiss her ass...lol...scrub

nina....i dont think i need to say more


she obviously cant hang!

ITS PETE!!!!...what does he have there?...looks like dried aregano..yah thats it *shifty eyes*

oh..looks like i caught someone who REALLY cant hang...oh whats mr sink saying?...better stick your head in there to hear..muahhahha

its ROB...what a pimp

shannon and sammy...w00t!

this was the DJ..hes pretty good D J K (Kris Konroy)

sam and nina...she gets into alot of trouble with that mouth...wait that didnt sound right

thats about it...theres more parties, but i dont bring my cam to them all...the last one i was uh..occupied by this gorgeous red head...yah that was nice!

ill try to have it at the next one.

- Rosco -

Invited...but yet Uninvited guests.... -- Monday, September 1 2003

this is Karolyn and Jonothan....i asked jonno to hang out at my place cause i was at work and the cable guy would only be around when i wasnt there....but needless to say i was surprised to come home, not find anyone there. Although a note directing me to view my digi cam was left behind....and the hijinx ensues.

Oh look..there's jonno..and he's found my bed...i wonder what hes gonna do now?

aww...hes gotta rest...FROM ALL THE JUMPING ON MY BED!!!! DIE!

why must they pic on my poor toys...they've never done anything to anybody!!

Hrmm...that's one of my metal mixing bowls...now what ever would karolyn do with that???

oh that's right...put in the microwave....silly me, what was i thinking???

so, Karolyn is checking out my clothes...prolly saying "hes got good taste" right?

what?...wait a minute here!

HEY, put that back!!!

yes thats a good look for you Karolyn...SUUUUUUUUUUUUURE

how nice....karolyns gonna turn on my fan for me...it was kind of stuffy in there...

but...that's not how you turn it on....


but my fan???!??!

Oh man...that's my tooth brush...I wonder what's gonna happen to that *sarcasm*


- Rosco -

Den's Big Move AFTER -- Monday, September 1 2003

So all these pics are after ive had time to move all my shit to the right places and put stuff away...ill tell yah its nice to be sleeping under covers and not in a sleeping bag!!

My bath, same with the next pic...this is the LARGE bathroom by the way

My bedroom...i wont say anything more...cause i might get myself into some trouble

My computer room...after a little cleaning up that is

HEY!..where did these signs come from....oh yah the previous tenants left them...tee hee!

Yo! its my nice ass living room!

- Rosco -

Den's Big Move BEFORE...oh yah baby!!! -- Monday, September 1 2003

so here it is...ive been asked by a few people to post some pics of it all...and i did my best to take some good ones of all that happened...so i hope you enjoy...oh yah these are all the before pics by the way

and ill try to tell a little something about what each pic is for everyone that doesnt really know that much about me..ok?..thanx!

this be my elevator...why?...dont know, had the cam..so i figured why not??!?!?

these next pics are all during the move...so everything is all over the place.

the bedroom ; )

the big ass bathroom

my front hall


living room

another pic



my small bathroom..yes i have 2!!!...2 DAMN IT...muahahaahha

my washer and dryer!!!

what ALL my closets look like

computer room...where i spend alot of time...DOING THIS SHIT!!!..lol jk....this is Karolyn by the way....shes the sister of Derek...my friend that lives up here!...and shes the reason i now have a good ass job...THANX KAROLYN!!!!!!


what my kitchen counter looks like

ok these are all the places that I can see from my appartment...so yah it will be easy for me to get to places!

this be jack asstors

pita pit and kelseys...MMMM

this is the williams coffee place..i just discovered this when i started comming up here to hang out with derek...mmm hot chocolate with a shot of hazel nut!!!

cant forget the CANADIAN TIRE!!!!

BK..gotta have it!

TOYS R US..how cool is that...i was just in there jamming stuffed animals into the buttons of toys that constantly make noise....and then throwing them up on the top shelves so it would be hard to get them down to stop them!!!!

These are pics of the truck, and how much shit i have, and cant forget the nice ass people the helped me!

me...and uh....the truck!

this is everyone who helped me...well at least up here in kitchener...i forgot to take a pic of my lovely friends who helped my down in windsor
from left to right: ME, Derek, Jonno, Karolyn

this is my truck...lol I asked for a 17' but got a 26'...thank God i got the SUPER mover...lol...see the next pic will yah!

yo..thats some stuff!

- Rosco -

SKY DIVING -- Sunday, July 6 2003

ok well I went sky diving right..by myself, sabre chickened out..lol and vector has no money so hes out.

this all happened on SAT the 5th of julyat 9 am but after training and shit, we got ready to go around 3:30 pm, until the wind picked up and THEN brought in a storm...we were grounded and had to come back the next day on sunday.

well let me tell you it was worth the wait...im not gonna discribe everything that went on....just that there was awesome training, instructors, pilots, flashers*, ground crew that made the whole thing MORE then worth it!

it was a solo jump and it was such a rush...i mean like the first time i ever paintballed is now like sitting at home and twiddling my thumbs compaired to what i just experienced from sky diving!

ill throw up some pics, but i would also like to mention Patti and Jo...my new moms...lol
they sort of adopted me as soon as i got there and boy did we have a blast, my jump was with them and i couldnt have picked 2 better people to jump with

Heres the place I went to!!!

- Rosco -

Sequence of Events -- Thursday, May 1 2003

MAY oh my dear lord its MAY.
Could it be.. oh wait.. it IS may.

Friday May 2nd, 2003 - X-men 2 is released.
Tuesday May 13th, 2003 - Rosco gets older.
Wednesday May 14th, 2003 - Sabre777 gets older.
Thursday May 15th, 2003 - One of two things will happen.

1. The end of the world as we know it.

2. The Matrix Reloaded will be on the big screen screaming its way to the guiness book of world records for movie to sell 100million dollars in shortest time frame.

I'm betting on the Matrix.
OMG have you seen the previews? NO.. well get going and look at em.

- Sabre777 -

Phi Camping Trip -- Wednesday, April 30 2003

Ok.. I don't know when, where, for how long, or for how much. But i'm pretty sure we will be doing a camping trip.

Your all invited.. but make sure you pack the essientials.

-Sleeping bag
-a woman
-and some raincoats

Safety first.

And if you are camping in anywhere about the 42nd parallel.

-Wool hat
-Winter sleeping bag
-Hot chocolate
-Portable heater
-Extra fire wood

- Sabre777 -

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