January 2004

drinkie drinkie -- Saturday, January 31 2004

this is one of the rockinest drinks around..yes i said rockinest!

yo i love black licorice and this is just like eating a handfull of those little black beauties...cept a few shots and you get fucked up!

- Rosco -

new music -- Saturday, January 31 2004

so i was asked to DL some songs from a group called YELLOWCARD...most of you reading this prolly know what type of music i listen to and well i wouldnt say they fit in.

well i would put it in the review section but since i've only dl'ed a hand full of songs i cant really rate them

but i will say that so far i really like what i hear...

Ocean Avenue is like soo sweet (its like one of those "listen to it 4 times before moving on to the next song" songs)

thanx to Heather and Lauren on getting me to give it a listen

- Rosco -

makes me all warm and squishy -- Thursday, January 29 2004

when someone see's something that makes them think about you

- Rosco -

just simply amazing... -- Thursday, January 29 2004

it boggles my mind as to why a girl cant just send a normal pic..oh no gotta send me these pics that are probably fake to begin with and if not they dont represent real life just to get my attention

outcome: DELETED

well not the pic (right away) but the user was deleted the same day she was added..lol

oh uh...later

- Rosco -

no no..THIS IS BETTER -- Thursday, January 29 2004

whos that girl?

take a peek!

- Rosco -

mmm crab cakes -- Wednesday, January 28 2004


This is by far one of the funniest things I have seen on the net.



- Sabre777 -

i love -- Wednesday, January 28 2004

i love when someone i just meet tells me their name just once and expects me to remember it for all time



- Rosco -

OMG more then meets they eye -- Wednesday, January 28 2004

well for anyone that really REALLY knows me they would know that i love the transformers...the orignal ones like generation 1.

yes i played with them and watched the tv shows RELIGIOUSLY, even the re-runs.

well ive just found out (mind you im LATE finding this out) that HASBRO is in the middle of trying to pat down a NEW LIVE ACTION transformers movie....like OMG!

so theres no real details, everything is just speculation but hasbro has said a 2005 release..so im pretty excited about that!

yea for me!

PS my favorite transie would have to be rumble...he was this guy that only turned into a tape but when there was trouble to cause he was there making it so with pile drivers...fucking pile drivers~!

- Rosco -

so Dawn of the Dead eh? -- Wednesday, January 28 2004

looks pretty interesting

but its just a trailer..so we shall see

click here.

- Rosco -

about the weather... -- Tuesday, January 27 2004

i was gonna post a pic of just how it looks where i live but the only time i remembered to do this was at night..and since my camera isnt the best at night shots ill just have to tell you

*picture this*

snow, ice and then a mixture of snow/ice

its soo lonely at the top :(

- Rosco -

snow boarding -- Tuesday, January 13 2004

OMG...i went today at chicopee in kitchener

OMG that was soo much fun..yah my knee, tail bone hurt like mother fuckers but omg that was soo much fun

cant wait to do it again!

OH yah dont go snow boarding for your first time with a nipple ring that looks like this:

- Rosco -