January 2005

so let me get this straight... -- Wednesday, January 26 2005

this guy who spent 5 mins going to the store and buying his transformers T-shirt is not as cool as you star wars guys who spent probably most of your adult lives pining after the belief that you may some day have the "force" and creating costumes that would hide how much you are geeks/losers/weak/zit covered/pale/nerds/not cool?!?

way to show him eh boys?!

sucks alot of dick

- Rosco -

so today sucks... -- Wednesday, January 26 2005

EVEN more then last saturday!

- Rosco -

still wondering bout this -- Wednesday, January 26 2005

why is it that the opposite of wrong is right and NOT write?

ok look i KNOW that one means correct and the other means to put information that can be read....but BUT why when they created what word means what couldnt they have just switched the 2 words around?

- Rosco -

ironic -- Tuesday, January 25 2005

the AAA tow truck....being towed.

- Rosco -

BUT..... NO!!! -- Saturday, January 22 2005

ok so i was just looking around the site and just noticed that ALL the pics that were posted like before oct are now gone...and thats shit..cause i dont have cable and there was like ottles of pics that i had uploaded


*puts head down in shame*

- Rosco -

today kind of sucks -- Saturday, January 22 2005

i mean like its really fucking cold outside...and AND its blowing snow as well. I would have to say this is the shittiest day since winter began.

this is just a reminder incase the weather gets nicer outside *sniker*

- Rosco -

well this is new to me -- Thursday, January 20 2005

so my one dog Peanut is well....a lesbian?!?!

i caught her trying to hump my other dog reese....reese didnt seem to know what was going on, and well i kind of felt the same at first

there's sex all up in this place!

we have a barn cat Alley that right now gets fucked more then a whore on coupon night, like there are new males showing up to get a ride on the train....i mean really

- Rosco -

so my pup is 50% shepperd..... -- Wednesday, January 12 2005

and 50% collie and 100% veloci raptor

- Rosco -

just a pic of my pup -- Wednesday, January 12 2005

well shes like 7 months old now....so not REALLY a pup....but.... go kill yourself

- Rosco -

HALO 2 -- Wednesday, January 12 2005

so ive been playing it for a few days now....and here's what i think of it

- Rosco -

scratch..scratch -- Sunday, January 2 2005

Hmmm.. where did the bottom of Phi go? Always nice to find a coding error.. and wonder how did you do that. Guess that teaches me to code while having a buzz on.


Lets party like it's 1995!!!!

Peace out.. Hamma Time.

- Sabre777 -