October 2004

Little more room.. -- Monday, October 25 2004

No need to throw them elbows anymore.. we got another 150pixels over here.. More room.. now all we need is more news. LOL


- Sabre777 -

YEAH!!!! -- Monday, October 25 2004

The site seems to be fully functional :) Now all I have to do is get the FTP working for the Rosco :P

- Sabre777 -

testing...1 .. 2.. 3.. check check -- Monday, October 25 2004

Is this thing on?? Checking CGI... check check.

- Sabre777 -

It is you.. i think... -- Wednesday, October 20 2004

Well mine says Oct-18-04 on homestar.. and there is LOTS of cool goodies.. hmm which pumpkin to make...

maybe its your.. hehe.. modem :P Try turning up the modem volume.. or making louder WOOODONG... BZZZZZZZZZZ... dogongdogong.. meeeee.. bzzzz :P That always worked for me.. back in the.. um 90's.

Ahhh the 90's.. OH speaking of the 90's there is a new "Trival Pursuit 90's edition" looks pretty cool.. lol

Dialup redalert.. now those where the days..

Peace bro.

- Sabre777 -

is it just me? -- Wednesday, October 20 2004

homestar runner

what gives?

the last update was sept 13th???

- Rosco -

Game Spy?... -- Monday, October 18 2004

So for the past couple of days.. there has been a spy in the house. He has been watching us play halo.. and for some reason I think he thinks.. he can play better then us.

And somehow I think that Lux has found away to use GameFly as a secret weapon.. I know I have died in halo at least 3 times due to "GameFly interference".

Well here he is.. he won't let me swat him with the "FHM 100 sexiest women" magazine.. but he sure struck a pose when I got out the digital camera.


- Sabre777 -

Saturday night live -- Friday, October 15 2004

so as crappy as the show is and i dont even watch it anymore...BUT

i was watching tv and they had a commercial

the best of jimmy fallon


that would be an oxy moron?

its like saying "tonight on DISCOVERY the BEST nuclear disaters"

- Rosco -

Think Her.. Do Her? -- Thursday, October 7 2004

Maybe it is just me and my male mind..

Or maybe it is the way us canadian's pronounce "Doer"

But when I saw this ad from IBM.. and then showed it to a couple guys and a gurl (for verification) they all thought the same thing.

Is it just me.. or is this IBM ad seem like a sexual ad.. and look at the way she is touching that monitor.. *purr*

- Sabre777 -