October 2005

what? -- Saturday, October 29 2005

why would novacaine make you not feel hungry?

i know i wont eat simply cause i cant tell the hamburger im eating isnt part of my cheek...but i do feel hungry as soon as its all done...??

i need a tooth implant....if it gets done im gonna play with it and stare at it all day ; )

- Rosco -

Novocaine.. the new diet -- Thursday, October 27 2005

Well.. if your looking to lose weight. I have a pretty sure fire way to do it. Just have a dentist hit you up with novocaine every day around lunch time.. it takes the hunger pain away really fast. AND if you still have hunger pains.. you won't be able to eat.. cause it's like nearly impossible.

So I got my filling.. drilled and refilled.. didn't take too long.. and my dentist (new one) is great. Didn't even feel the needle at all.. dont' know whats in the spray can but it sure works wonders.

Anyways.. in 3 or 4hrs i can't wait to have something to eat .. i'm starvin.

- Sabre777 -

gonna have to disagree -- Wednesday, October 19 2005

only on the "guns" issue

i dont like the idea of government telling me what i can and cant have.

it starts with guns and ends with ?

just like it starts with pit bulls and then my great dane, then my 2 mutts, and finaly my beagle.
It's already illegal to have more then 2 dogs on 17 achers of land. as you can see im breaking the law just by having 4 dogs, does that seem right?....anything can happen when you let the government whos out of touch dictate rules

everything now a days can potententially be harmfull to someone else, it just depends on who has/uses it.

- Rosco -

The Jack Thompson Debate. -- Wednesday, October 19 2005

I'm not sure if any of you have seen this guy.. but it is really starting to heat up. Jack Thompson is the Witch Hunter.. on the war path with video games in his sights.

He claims that video games make kids kill each other.. that games are violence simulators. That they help people hone their skills for killing.

And I just read and think.. uh huh... why didn't I think of that.


Thats just a few of the sites going nutz on all this.

So this had really got me thinking of my life, as a gamer who has played many hours of violent games.. yet never taken a gun out and killed someone. I wonder if Jack has even looked into the whole "bowling for columbine" effect that Michael Moore points out. Mr. Moore talks about how americans have the "right" to carry guns.. yet canadians do not. And how surprisingly canadians have a lower per person murder rate.. hmm wonder why that is.

So.. on the point of violence being caused by games I have to disagree. Poor family structure.. bad upbringing.. poor parenting.. and no discipline make for killers.. NOT video games.

When I used to work in retail.. there was a product that hit the market called a "furby" maybe you remember them.. I sure as hell do. The reason i remember the furby so well is the ammount of VIOLENCE that went along with it. On the day they were to arrive.. hundreds of PARENTS lined up outside my store.. yet only 8 units had been shipped instead of the 100 that we were promised. A riot of shoving and punching and grabbing.. and shouting started, I had never seen anything like it. People were selling these things on ebay 3000$USD. But why? they were only toys.. they were ok.. they didnt' even make cake or toast or fruit smoothies. Yet these parents when BEZERK on us the staff of the store. We had to call the mall police to take some of them away.

These people were all in there late 30's to 50's.. these are the attitudes of what people would call "non-gamers".

Now I fast forward a bit.. to November 2004, and the release of the most anticipated game launch of the new millenium.. Halo 2. I pull up around 11:30pm, there are a couple cars idling in the cold winter night. And there is a light up of about 10 people already formed. I see more people pulling up while I keep warm in my car.. some people coming back with coffees from tim hortons.. in all it was very peaceful.

Some people had preordered some had not.. we were all just hanging out.. waiting for 12:01am when the late night buying would begin. The doors open.. and in an orderly fashion the 100 to 200 or so gamers slowly made their way inside the store single file.. calmly. The mood in the aire was electic.. you could feel the joy and happiness in the air. Yet the volume level was that of a library.. people were patient. Even when one of the cash registers broke and we were down to one.. it was still NOT chaos.
The crowd was composed of early teens to mid 30's crowd.. the true gamers. People were even talking to total strangers about their experiences with the first Halo, and what they expected in the 2nd one.

I ask you.. how can you say that gamers are the violent ones.. when the parents.. are the ones that exhibit the violent tendencies.

You can take a few isolated cases and make it seem that video games where the cause.. but if you look at their home environment.. their health.. their school environment.. their non game time.. I'm pretty sure you would find out they were messed up to begin with. And games had nothing to do with it.

I personally think that games allow an outflow of anger and frustration.. to sit for 5 hrs killing people in counterstrike.. can actually be relaxing for some people.
Killing with a real gun would not bring the same satisfaction that games bring.. and that is how I can not draw the line that joins the two. Taking a rifle and shooting a real person is just not fun, and if a person thinks it is.. then they are messed up, and games did not make them that way.

If Jack really wants to help lower violence.. here is an easy way, take guns out of the constitution.. stop the NRA.. and make it illegal to have firearms. That will stop the violence.. look at the rest of the world.. it does work.


- Sabre777 -

truck accident -- Tuesday, October 11 2005

i was all like in a truck accident....dont remember how it happened...but i drove off the road and then into a ditch

i blead in my head(stoped bleeding), lost some teeth(now fixed) hurt my hands some how, got some stiches (blue ones), it was fun

but now things are returning back to normal, the truck seems repairable and i guess i was too

tip: dont black out while driving!

- Rosco -