November 2003

You have GOT to be kidding me... -- Friday, November 21 2003

Ok.. what is this world coming too?

I go out and I BUY.. yes BUY a new cd (Nickleback: The Long Road)

And I take it home.. and I open it up.. and toss it in my computer.

The cd then starts to want to load a "player" program.

So i'm like no thanks.. don't need your spam shit.

SO, I go to try to play it in my windows media player.. Nothing there.. i'm like odd.

SO I pull up winamp.. that don't work either.

Sooo now i'm thinking what the fuck is going on?

Then I install there player program, and presto this shitty little player with no options comes up and lets me play the song. WHICH it sounds like shit.. cracking and poping. And I had to install some anal probe player on my computer to play a CD I PURCHASED.

Ok, I don't get this.. they are trying to stop pirating i'm guessing? They don't want people who don't pay for their music to get it for free.

Um.. well all I see is you just lost a fan, and I will never pay for you music again. I was so happy today I went in paid 50$ got 3 cd's and was helping to support the artists.

I get home and the artist's are too busy worrying about people stealing their music that they alienate the people who pay for the music.

And the sad fact about it? Is that if I want to.. I can STILL pirate the cd.

You think some lowsy little player program will stop me from ripping the cd and bringing it back to the store now? NOPE. You see there is this great thing about computers... ANYTHING that plays through the sound card.. can be recorded >:)

Any artist that uses this method of "protection" on their cd's should be put out to pasture and shot. Sure protect your music.. but all your doing is making the people that bought the music angry. AND your not stopping piracy of your music. So what is the point?

Ya you'll be getting an email from me really soon.

Argh.. screw this supporting the artists.. i'm going back to mp3's.

- Sabre777 -

farts... -- Thursday, November 13 2003

why is it that they seem to smell worse when your in the shower or tub...what water magnifies the smell???

- Rosco -

me at a wedding!! -- Saturday, November 1 2003

how sweet it

- Rosco -