December 2006

Has it been so long? -- Friday, December 8 2006

Yes it has.. so long I actually forgot my username and password to do updates... LOL OUCH!

But obviously after much torment and trial and error.. and some napkins with my usernames and passwords quickly scribbled on them.. I found the right combinations.

WoW.. and I mean wow.. :) there has been so much new stuff.. I have a finace, a kitten (Diamond), moved back to windsor (boy it's good to be back), and i'm getting married next year.

When you ask? Oh.. July 7th 2007, LOL cool huh.. Sabre777, married on 7/7/07 Kinda cool I think.. and thankfully so does Chrissy :) me lady.

I'm still addicted to MMO's.. and play wow whenever I can.. even got Rosco to play MUHAHAHA.. :) Although he is a n00b and can't do all the end game shit with me yet.. so we don't get to play together as much as I would prefer.

Well.. Merry Christmas..

And at the rate I post.. It should be mother's day next time I post.. so. Happy Mother's Day in advance.


- Sabre777 -