February 2004

Ya.... -- Wednesday, February 25 2004

That would have made it sooo much better, and soo less stressful LOL.

Um, was a business lunch sorry :|



- Sabre777 -

WTF -- Wednesday, February 25 2004

i thought i was the post whore?

and next time you go to a resturant during the day sabre...call me...god!

i would have taken my meal and flung it over at that bitch

you know this!

oh yah season one of in living colour is out now!!!!

- Rosco -

Not so Phantom after all... -- Tuesday, February 24 2004

So I as doing my usual surf through the massive being known only as "the net" when I came across something I had not heard about in some time.

The good old phantom console from infinium labs.

Looks as though they are trying to sue HardOCP.com for posting the true facts about where and what the head guy at infinium labs had been up to. Before of course he came up with the idea for the ultimate, and totally unfeesable idea of the broadband console. We aren't talking console with games, and you link to the net... we are talking, in simple terms, a console that pirates games from the net then you play them online. Well I guess unless they found a way for monthly subscriptions to pay for 10's of thousands of games LOL.

Any ways check out the riot that the infinium labs are causing themselves.

The knife the poison and the gun are on the table lab boys, pick which one you want to use.

"On the Web, such controversies can be self-perpetuating. Take Bennett's posting of the threatening letters and his subsequent comments. That created its own buzz that's been picked up by other gaming-related sites, all linked to each other in a self-propagating circle."

NO WAY really LOL


- Sabre777 -

Short term memory. -- Tuesday, February 24 2004

What really sux about short term memory is....

Damn.. I forgot.

- Sabre777 -

How Rude!!! -- Tuesday, February 24 2004

Ok, it is one thing to talk about people in a resaurant, and to compliment like wow that looks awesome.

BUT when you sit down 3 feet from someone and start dissing their meal in your snobby tone, maybe you should just STFU.

Like i'm sitting there eating an awesome fish and chips meal at whimpy's.. I have had alot of fast food fish and chips in my life. And this was some good stuff.

Anyways, miss know it all snob comes in and sits down with her friend and is like "OH fish, i never order fish unless i'm in a fish restaurant... blah blah blah.." she went on for like 10 mins about fish and my meal.

I was like going to turn around and say "HOLY CRAP LADY, get a life" but i didn't.

I know i have said that I only get certain stuff at certain resaurants, but i never sit next to a person.. across an walkway, and fling insults at the food the other person is eating. Thats is just plain, R U D E.

Anyways, back to um.. what was i doing again.


- Sabre777 -

wtf??? -- Tuesday, February 24 2004

are you to on shrooms???

fuck if thats what its like im glad im still drug free

- Rosco -

Makes sense to me... -- Monday, February 23 2004

Well the martians attacking, and attacking twice. That seems about right to me, I mean right now with all the junk we are tossing at their planet they must be really pissed off.

Evil butterfiles eh?, i think most of us call them BEE's or Dragonflies. LOL but ya i mean butterflies, everyone thinks they are all pretty and so beautiful, you think Rob the butterflie likes to hear that all day, i bet it made him really pissed off.

Good butterflies, hmm that is a bit far fetched, i don't think there is such a think. That makes me a bit pissed off.

But if it was really the Bush administration, in like disguise that makes sense, cause they like to make things up. And "good butterflies" is pretty unbelievable, heck that is almost as believable as WMD in IRAQ go fig. Boy didn't that make some people pissed off.

And it all happend on public television.. well at least we know it was a dream, cause all that is way too good for made for tv.

Time for me to piss off.


- Sabre777 -

Vectoron's dream -- Monday, February 23 2004

Martians attacked twice and then there was evil butterflies and they attacked too, but I was saved by the good butterflies who turned out to be the bush administration. And it all unfolded on public television.

go fig.

- Vectoron -

gettin there -- Saturday, February 21 2004

yo im gettin trashes..lol...dont know why i wrote this..but since i havent put an update in a while guess i figured i owed it to who ever might be checking up on me


- Rosco -

Dat Gamer Got Some 1337 Skillz.. -- Monday, February 16 2004

Ok, Vectoron sent me some amazing stuff.. one is way too big.. to put up here but all i got to say is mario 3 in 11mins. Didn't know it could be done but um yup it can.

But check out this clipa, this gamer has some mo betta butta.

Mozart ain't got nothing on this gamer.

- Sabre777 -

Heart Attack... -- Monday, February 16 2004

Yes I have had a minor heart attack. Check out why...


- Sabre777 -

Wow. -- Monday, February 9 2004

Girl> You know dennis?
Jonathan> Yes..
Girl> Wow, that is like so weird. Hold on a sec, I think a meteor just hit my house.
Jonathan> ...

- Vectoron -

my lip..close up! -- Tuesday, February 3 2004

- Rosco -

just something new from me to you -- Tuesday, February 3 2004

- Rosco -

old work -- Sunday, February 1 2004

some of they guys I used to work with
*sniff* *wipes a tear*

ah memories

*touching song breaks out*

- Rosco -