February 2005

Sigh... it's so pretty. -- Thursday, February 24 2005

Big and Beautiful

Yes.. It is awesome. Can't wait to get another one.


- Sabre777 -

EverCrack.. gets EverHut? -- Monday, February 21 2005

Ever had that craving for pizza, and just wished you didn't have to leave your game of everquest to order it.

Well now you don't have too, with the sequel to Everquest.. approperately named "EverQuest 2" you can now order Pizza Hut pizza from the /pizza command.

Wow they really do want you to never leave the everquest world. And after a few /pizza commands you won't be physically able too. Hmmm I wonder if you can order /pizza with in game credits... bet there will be a site for that soon too.


- Sabre777 -

Rosco + DVD Burner = Sabre + Another 250GB drive -- Saturday, February 19 2005

So.. I see the wonderful little post that Rosco there got himself a new DVD burner. I'm thinking to myself wow isn't that wonderful.. wish I had one.

Then a few days later Rosco shows up at my place with a little present for me.... 20 small silver discs... with 80GB!!!!! Of mp3's on them..

Then I think to myself.. damn I guess I'm gonna need another 250GB harddrive.. seeing as how Rosco decided to finish the room I had free on my first one LOL.

Then I also think.. crap how am i gonna get this onto my computer. Those of you that know me know that I run a pretty awesome computer system. But its one flaw is that I don't always put everything in it that I could.. especially if I don't need it... for the most part.

So it just so happends that i don't have a dvd burner or a reader in my little blue computer here. So now i'm down to hooking up my 3000$ external dvd reader :P AKA my Dell Latitude C840.

Here is to hoping i don't set a CAT5 on fire transfering all that info :P

Thanks for the songs Rosco..


- Sabre777 -

got dvd burner? -- Sunday, February 6 2005

i just got a LG(whatever go kill yourself for laughing) dvd burner and its pretty nice...havent had one problem with it at all...was very straight foreward

now to burn my computer free of all the clutter i didnt want to delete to have room!!!

but to think about all the stuff that WAS deleted in order to make room for the stuff i did want... *sigh*

- Rosco -

wow... -- Sunday, February 6 2005

Damn am i being put to shame.. I'm on a 5mb cable line.. and the Rosco is laying the smack down on me with post from a 56k modem.. BEEE BEEE BONG BEE BONG.. SHHHHHH DE DO DE DO DONG.. BING BONG.. HZZSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH CLICK.

Damn.. Ok ya i'll try to fix the archive.. pfft..
Ya i'm lazy so what..


- Sabre777 -

good to the last 15 million drops? -- Friday, February 4 2005

thats alot of coffee

- Rosco -