February 2006

. -- Monday, February 20 2006

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sweet movie -- Saturday, February 18 2006

but wait...its sacrilegious

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Re: cartoons -- Saturday, February 18 2006

"Oh God, please punish those who dared to publish these sacrilegious cartoons Ö give enough power to the Muslim countries and enable them to take revenge."

mmmmm sacrilegious

anyways, what about the millions of cartoons there are about God/Jesus etc. In the bible is says that "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above" this would be the second commandment. Well looks like my list for people I have to kill in Gods name will span decades. How idiotic

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things i can't believe -- Saturday, February 18 2006

everyone's so upset about the posibility of the avian flu out break. Think about it, what better way to thin out this worlds over population by weak people

the director of XXX thought about making another one

sweating one day and 2 days later needing a sweater and a jacket to go outside

im gonna be a daddy

maybe i'll update this later...maybe

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hi im Dennis -- Saturday, February 11 2006

Iím a Christian.

Christians are peaceful.

You made a comic and let me assume that it represents all Christians as being terrorists?

Most Christians are peaceful and not all of us are terrorists.

I donít believe your comic is incorrect and to demonstrate this Iíll burn down your embassy, and shout ďdeath to CanadaĒ

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