March 2003

To all new posters of news -- Monday, March 31 2003

please email me your pics and all vital statistics so that i may be able to properly introduce you to this wonderfull place ;)

- Rosco -

Big Bad Voodoo Vectoron -- Monday, March 31 2003

Vectoron (who is the greatest guy in the world) thninks he can control what I type (oh and he can).. but he can't and

I will NOT be SILENCED!!!
Yes I do know that I'm craZZZZZzzZZZZy

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Iraq is stealing my limelight. -- Monday, March 31 2003



- Vectoron -

~Life in the Fast Lane~ -- Wednesday, March 26 2003

I have a rant today, and if you have never heard it before. Then it is news to you.

There is in my opinion 3 types of drivers on the highways, "The Limiter", "The Limited", and "The Unlimited".

All three of these different driving styles all have their place on the highway. But at times it seems that some of "The Limiter's" and "The Limited" forget their place in the grand scheme of things.

Now my theory is based on three lane or more highways. But when you get to two lanes or less it gets a bit more difficult.

Let's see if I can explain. First what are the three role types.

The Unlimited
This is your driver that is commonly referred by the other Lim's as "The Speeder". Up where I come from we also classify this driver as a "Commuter". The drive fast, they take risky moves, and they know the stretch of road like the back of their hand. They are usually always in a hurry, are are for the most part aggressors.

The Limited
The best example of "The Limited" is elderly people who are not in a hurry. They are the cops best friends, because they obey every law of the road. And they would never think of doing 101 in a 100 zone. There is an inherent flaw with "The Limited" they can easily become the third type of driver "The Limiter".

The Limiter
This is by far the most annoying driver on the road. They alone hold the reason for road rage. This is the type of driver that is doing the speed limit in the right or middle lane. And when faced with an obstacle like a slow moving truck (Trucks do not fall into the three drivers, they are exempt from these categories because they have issues to deal with.) “The Limited” will decide to drive in the PASSING lane, but instead of speeding up to the speed that the PASSING lane is doing they will continue at their 100km/h speed. Even though the traffic in their mirrors are coming up at speeds between 130km/h and 160km/h. “The Limited” now “The Limiter” will believe that it is a safe driving maneuver to cut off “The Unlimited”. “The Limiter’s” mind set is still unknown, they will continue to drive at 100km/h in the passing lane, even if there is not another car insight in front of them, yet a line up spanning 100’s of km’s forums up behind them in their mirror. Sometimes it is possible for a few of “The Unlimited” to sneak by “The Limiter”. And very rarely you will actually have one of “The Unlimited” persuade “The Limiter” to return to his rightful place as “The Limited” in one of the other lanes.

So now that you have the background on the three driving roles. I am sure you have put yourself into one of the three categories. In studying the cause and effects of the three roles on highway traffic, I have come up with a solution. When driving on a three lane highway or greater the following system of lane usage should be applied.


- Sabre777 -

So I've got the mother f'in job at TOYOTA -- Tuesday, March 25 2003

i start on the 7th of april and i cant wait...not only to be out of this city...but to get a nice ass job!

so look for me in my new accord/celica in the comming months....oh and what ever car....will be hooked up!

- Rosco -

Cure for the Common... Microsoft. -- Wednesday, March 19 2003

What a joyous day today is... I have found a cure for yet another Microsoft induced problem. Or as microsoft likes to call it, "feature".

The problem is rooted in the newer versions of Outlook mainly Outlook 2000 sp3, and Outlook 2002.

If you have either of these wonderful email programs you may have run into this problem already. Basically Microsoft has decided that they will single handedly stop the Malicious email attachments.. You know the ones.. britney's boob.jpeg .exe LOL.

Well, Micro has done this by not allowing certain attachments to come through the email program. The program will automatically remove any link to an attachment that is not allowed. The attachment is technically still there... you just can't get to it. Because we would hate for someone to accidentally hit the DESTROYCOMPUTER.exe attachment.

Microsoft knows about this little problem and has given some great ideas on how to fix it.. mainly rename the extension to .zip and it will come through and then just rename it back to what it is supposed to be after. OR zip the files up. OR hack your registry entries.. (that one is fun)

But ofcourse Micro in its vast wisdom could not do the easiest thing.. add a section to allow you to modify what is allowed. GASP imagine that.. something that is user friendly.. NO WAY.

Well lucky for us mortals there is one amongst us that has been able to slay the dragon. If your running it to this problem.. visit this site for a quick fix.


- Sabre777 -

so eh? -- Tuesday, March 18 2003

still no news on on..i need a job!!!

- Rosco -

Ok there we go... -- Monday, March 17 2003

Alright.. I am now 95% done all the change over.

The forums will be up soon. But I have to upgrade my webhost first.

I have added archive files to all 3 sections, events, news, and reviews. They still need a little work but they will do for now.

So.. back to what I do best. Doing nothing :P


- Sabre777 -

Almost done.. -- Monday, March 17 2003

Did you think it wouldn't get done?

Well I did.. but I have almost finished fixing up the Phi.

Couple more hours of cgi play.. and it will be all good to go again.

- Sabre777 -