March 2004

Hmm let me check.. -- Tuesday, March 30 2004

Lets see...

Fire and brimstone .. Check
Earthquakes .. Check
Locusts .. Check
Mold on mold .. OMG your right.. it is the end of time.

Hmm now what to do... what to do.

Time to buy stock in Microsoft..

- Sabre777 -

what??? -- Tuesday, March 30 2004

mold on mold?

isnt that like one of the signs of the apocalypse?

- Rosco -

what about cheese? -- Tuesday, March 30 2004

Same could be said for cheese..
Like when mold gets mold.. is that bad?

- Sabre777 -

how? -- Monday, March 29 2004

how does a mushroom go bad?...i mean think about it

that was a random thought cause i needed something to tare me away from the mirror

- Rosco -

SPAM in my inbox at work... -- Monday, March 29 2004

I like the new Weird Al song, maybe you have heard it?
"Spam in my inbox at work, drugs and porn."

This is just getting a bit out of control, like does spam actually work? Could they at least make ads that are reasonable?

Sure I want fuller firmer breasts, and to lose weight on the new krispy kreme donut diet. But really it is just annoying.

Have a look.

- Sabre777 -

can... -- Wednesday, March 24 2004

can you answer my phone...all i seem to get are people that get to the message thing..and then hang its from people that call me all the they know its gonna come on after like 6 rings....shesh!

- Rosco -

Phone Etiquette ... CLICK -- Tuesday, March 23 2004

Ok true story happends all the time to me.. an no one seems to believe me.

Here is a conversation i have at least once a week on the phone.


Hello Wiggler Residence.

Caller> Hi Mr. Wiggler?

No, I am Wiggler in Law.

Caller> Are the Wiggler's in?

Sorry they are not home at the momment.

Caller> Oh..

Would you like to.. Caller>I'll call back latter.. CLICK

Ok so that is basically how the conversation goes.
I know i'm not the best phone message taker in the world.. but if i don't even get a chance to try and get hung up on.. Is that my fault?

I'm thinking maybe I should change the way I answer the phone.. Something more like this.

Hello, are you going to leave a message?

Caller> Um..

If your not going to leave a message i'm not going to answer your questions. Will you be leaving a message with me today?

Caller> Um sure?

Name phone number.. reason for calling?

Caller> Well i'm calling about..

Um sir.. I said NAME... PHONE NUMBER.. Then the reason.. please follow the rules.

Caller> Um Bob Smith, 555-4321, Can i leave a reason now?

Sure.. Please proceed.

Caller> Um i forget what i was calling about.. Just have them call me back.

Thanks.. have a nice day. CLICK

HMMMM i think that might actually work?

- Sabre777 -

Wow, that sucks -- Friday, March 19 2004

Since it post funny pictures day, I decided I would post a pictures of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people losing money all at the same time.

The two points of A are at least a couple people throwing themselves out a window, or quitting life. Awwwwww, how cute.

- Vectoron -

If hell is like this.. i'm not going. -- Friday, March 19 2004

So, alot of people have been asking me what i do..

So i tell them that i am an oracle administrator. And they look at me like i got something on my face.

So here it is.. this is what i look at for hmm about 8 hrs a day.

Note: this is the ACTUAL window i get to see EVERYTIME i make a change to an "oracle report".

- Sabre777 -

you know... -- Tuesday, March 9 2004

i dont mind the half nekked snake lady thing....
makes me wonder how she....well you know... ; )

- Rosco -

Thanks alot Vectoron -- Monday, March 8 2004

Thanks to Vectoron i got suckered into playing the "World of SquareSoft Rejects" game.

Check out this UBER scary bad guy. What is this a fox special "When Breakfast fights back".

This game is so lame it is damn funny.

They have a great censoring program.. that will not let you say penis but will let you say cock or dick.. go fig.

And then.. from the game that will not let you swear or say breasts? They have half nakid snake lady things. LOL
Soooo funny.

Oh ya.. her "animation" she bounces up and down. LMAO

- Sabre777 -

new me -- Sunday, March 7 2004

just have a look

- Rosco -

hows this? -- Thursday, March 4 2004

havent put up a pic in a little what about this one

- Rosco -

..It calls to us all... -- Tuesday, March 2 2004

The balckhole, the abyss.

The place of our birth...


No one can escape its mighty gravitational pull.. it lets you go.. just to suck you back into its desparaging grips or torment.

But on a brighter side.. its usually alot warmer down there :)

LOL I hear ya man.

- Sabre777 -

dont know whats going on -- Tuesday, March 2 2004

why dont i feel like i belong i mean in kitchener...or at toyota...i feel like im missing something

i need some sort of push...i want to go to school...thats been on my mind alot

i know there are like mid-life crisis but is there like quarter life crisis as well?

maybe i just need another tattoo or piercing or both?!?!?.

- Rosco -