March 2005

ahh..the speed of sound -- Thursday, March 31 2005

- Rosco -

So... -- Thursday, March 31 2005

ive got my first of many new albums, that have come from my need for (online) speed


its like the new benny b

now i need a new car to pimp out the sound system to make it sound tight!

- Rosco -

Now that is some funny... -- Tuesday, March 22 2005

So Rosco finally has got broadband once again.. no more bing bong.. bing bong.. shhhhhh dddoooo deee doood eeeeee aaaaaaa shshhhhhhhhhhh for him.

But the lack of the information superhighway has brought about some pretty funny shit. Here is a taste of a convo between me and the newly re-broadend Rosco.

this bitch now has BROAD BAND!!! now online all the time! says:
ok so wtf....

Sabre777 - :) - says:

Sabre777 - :) - says:

this bitch now has BROAD BAND!!! now online all the time! says:
god i cant even remember how to set up and email addy

Sabre777 - :) - says:

Now thats.. funny.

- Sabre777 -

HOLY FUCK -- Tuesday, March 22 2005

im on broad band again...who would have thunk it!!

- Rosco -

IT'S ALIVE!!!!! -- Thursday, March 10 2005

Well mostly..

Decided it was time to take Neona (my neon) in to see the doctors. Seems she was pretty sick.

The symptoms where:
Clunk when I turned the wheel left,
Road noise.. pretty bad,
Earth shaking rattles anytime you go over any bump.. and sometimes just cause,
And lastly a very distinct.. i'm gonna have the wheel fall off now.. wobble when I did a left hand turn.

The wobble only happend once but that was enough for me to take her in.

Seems that I have a nack for leaving things to the last min.. when the mechanic pulled Neona into the bay, the tie rod end popped off and the tire fliped inwards.

Now thats what I call getting your moneys worth.

So after we had a nice steak dinner and a couple bottles of wine.. I picked up the cheque for me and Neona, for the tune of 540$ :P But let me tell ya worth every penny.

The car has 172,000+ kms on it.. and it now drives and handles better then it did at 70,000 kms.

I have a few more major repairs to do on Neona, but I think I can now safely let my gurlfriend drive my car.. without the thought of the car exploding into flames and tumbling down the road.

Well all for now.


- Sabre777 -

And then there was one.... -- Monday, March 7 2005

So it seems after a week of playing on my new LCD monitor.. I have gotten the dreaded "Inactive Pixel"

You would think something so tiny wouldn't matter.. it's just 1 in 1,310,720. But really it is annoying.

I find it hard to believe that out of all the LCD's in all the world I had to get a faulty one lol.

Funny part is samsung is rated pretty high out there in LCD land. And it is an amazing screen.. when it's working.

I have had a dell latitude laptop for 3 years now.. and it has never had an issue with the LCD screen.. and I know it has had to do alot more work then my brand new samsung LCD.

And the odds are much higher on the laptop as it has 1,920,000 pixels that could go bad.

Well I have submitted the RMA.. now to see if I get a refurbished screen.. or a brand new one. I just hate getting refurbished a week after owning something. I buy something new and it don't work I expect it to be replaced with something new.

Anyways.. Peace out :)

- Sabre777 -