April 2003

*** NEWS BULLITIN *** -- Wednesday, April 30 2003

Sabre777 has escaped the mental institution he had voluntarily checked himself into, the 2 year peroid was shorten with his escape by 1 year 11 months and 28 days

*be very cautious when in the vicinity of this subject*

- Rosco -

Helloooooo... winter. -- Wednesday, April 30 2003

Wow.. what a great summer we had. It was so nice and warm, got a bit of sunshine. Almost gone a tan this year. Well, can't wait for summer next year.. boy will that be fun. I think for summer next year i'm going to try and move my car all the way down the driveway. I was only able to get half way down the driveway this year. Here's to hoping.

Only 11 months till summer and counting.

Canadian summers rock..

- Sabre777 -

***NEWS BULLETIN*** Cat gets traped by object -- Monday, April 14 2003

in this breaking story we can see that this poor cat has been crushed by this...what appears to be a large wall of some sorts...made up entirly of cardboard. it must weight an unbelieveable 50-60 grams, with no reliefe in sight for this poor creature.

you can see the cats eyes are slowly closing because the lack of oxygen from not being able to breath properly.

its sad to see this happen in a populated area, and not have anyone come to help.

this is rosco reporting...back to you wolf

- Rosco -

stupidest comercial ever..EVER -- Saturday, April 12 2003


some questions will never be answered...like why put that commercial on tv...??

- Rosco -

American 'How To Guides' -- Thursday, April 10 2003

This really boggles my mind.. Does the USA actually believe that the eastern world has no internet capabilities.

I just love how the USA can flaunt their strategies and their stats of what they got as far as weapons and training and human resource. And the enemy even with the shroud lifted.. can only stand by and watch as the world super power rolls in.

Don't get me wrong.. I'm behind the war on "The Iraq Regime". And I am totally behind freeing people that have no way of freeing themselves from the senseless slaughter and crimes against humanity. People in positions of power like Saddam, should be put in check.. when their panties get too big.

Just incase the Iraq army didn't know what was going on.. CNN.com has released a little tid bit in how to conduct urban warfare.Check it out.

What do you think about the war in Iraq? Check out the Phi Nu Sigma Forums.. and Post your comments.

- Sabre777 -

hey everyone -- Friday, April 4 2003

hey hey how's it goin all??? same old same old for me... reporting from the entrepreneur class, period three at12:20 pm... i have been doing alot in this class... recently me and my friend jen took a walk to count the steps of the length of our gym.. i counted 81 she got 74 .. i have short legs she's got long legs....
so then i was submitted an assignment of researching an inventor... so i have chosen to do it on VELCRO....
Q: Is Velcro the new zipper???
what's your opinion...
e-mail me at krista_desjardins@hotmail.com and fill me in :p
see u all soon

- -

S'all Good -- Tuesday, April 1 2003

so i start monday.....and its gonna be sweet

ill keep everyone posted

if you want to know something then just ask

PS....its TOYOTA im working at

- Rosco -