April 2004

Jonno's page comments.. continued -- Monday, April 26 2004

Well I have to agree the top pic with him smiling is the bestest.

But you don't know what it took to get him to smile.

Nearly 10 mins of my skin head self making weird ass faces.. before he finally broke a smile :D

I think i took about 50 pictures before we actually got the true jonno.

By far my fav pic of my bro.


- Sabre777 -

Colasantis tropical garden -- Tuesday, April 20 2004

so angela and i went to colasantis to see all the cute animals and shit.

well we were walking around in the pet area and most of the pets were like doing their thing in each respective cage except for this one ground hog, Angela pulls me over to this one room shes like "Dennis wtf is that?"
i couldnt believe my eyes...take a look at what they had this gound hog doing

i think he was remixing something by DJ teisto, it sounded tight!

- Rosco -

weird -- Tuesday, April 20 2004

so i was walking one day and these 2 guys were on their porch, well when they seen i had my digital cam they asked if i would take a pic of some stuff they had...well i didnt want to be rude so i said sure

a few mins later they came into the living room with these bags of uh...stuff

so i clicked a pic and asked if it would be ok for me to post it. they asked me if i would.

so here it is

- Rosco -

JONNO -- Tuesday, April 20 2004

i was just cruzin the net and decided to take a look at your site...pretty nice..BUT...!

your picture page...would you fucking smile more?

this be jonno!

brooding/deep/mysterious(trying to hard) just isnt working...see that top pick where you're smiling....THATS THE TICKET now run with that

love yah

- Rosco -

PIKMIN -- Tuesday, April 20 2004

i played it at my girls house...its fucking fun, i think i may get a game cube and that game...OR just like go over her house when shes not there...hehe...im very sneaky you know...oh wait damn..uh...HELLO Angie

- Rosco -

YEAH for MONTREAL -- Tuesday, April 20 2004

so they beat out boston....a cup would be nice for a change...wouldnt have to hide that i like em anymore..lol

- Rosco -

long time??? -- Monday, April 19 2004

What like it says we are 24 and we are turning 26.. no way LOL

damn i am a lazy.. shut your mouth.

Soon.. very soon my friend.... all will be enlightened.


- Sabre777 -

UPDATE -- Thursday, April 15 2004

update the staff section please
its been a long time

- Rosco -

sorry bout the absence -- Thursday, April 15 2004

ive had my mind occupied alot lately with some pretty heavy shit

shall i share?
well i will anyways

1. work: do i stay at toyota, when i loath every day i have to go in there...think of ways to get out of working all the time...never happy unless..(the unless is in part with another thing on my mind)

2. friends/family: i miss them so much, i dont even have enough time to see everyone when i go down to windsor. i end up having people guilt trip me to make sure i hang with them next time (not that i mind...it just shows im loved..so i wont complain about it...just point it out)
people i miss soo much(in no order): joe lisa, rob, tanya nick, sarah, mom dad, marc, jason blanch, joes mom and dad, dereks mom and dad, karolyn daemon, jonno, pricillia...im sure ive forgotten some dont be mad please.

3. life: if i leave toyota what does life have for me, the money is good but its not everything and its not making up for the sadness i feel most of the time. ive got places to stay down in windsor but what about a job, i want to go to school...just have to make sure i keep a level head about all of this(oh and its not like leaving toyota is just all of the sudden...ive been feeling it for several months now..it just seems that things are being put into place for me to move back to windsor)

4. Angela: shes just on my mind alot...and now ive got one less concern, you rock gorgeous.

well lets see how things go, ive still got several months before i have to make up my mind on what i will do and what will happen...lol..as long as i dont get fired before that is ; )

long ass rant now done

- Rosco -

some shit im listening to -- Thursday, April 15 2004

1. Dragon Ball Z - Perfect Cell Theme (Techno Remix) (3:40)
2. ATB The Dj - Aalto - Rush (Super 8 Vs. Orkidea) (5:50)
3. ATB The Dj - Farrago - Union (1 St Clubb Mix) (5:30)
4. Special D - Dust To Dust (3:44)
5. ATB The Dj - Nocturnal Creatures (Jono Grant Remix) (5:34)
6. Linkin Park - Forgotten (3:14)
7. Hoobastank - The Reason (3:52)
8. Chakra - I Am (4:11)
9. Evanesence - My Immortal (4:23)
10. DJ Shog - Tribute (4:04)
11. Nu NRG - Connective (4:14)
12. Svenson - Sunlight Theory (3:29)
13. Enigma - Carly's Song (3:49)
14. Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin Tekhouse Radio (3:35)
15. DJ Peran - We Want To Be Free (3:06)
16. The Club House - Like the Sun (4:05)
17. Basement Jaxx - Good Luck .mp3
18. ATB The Dj - Rapid Eye - Stealing Beauty.mp3
19. ATB The Dj - Schiller Mit Mila Mar - Liebe (ATB Dub Remix).mp3
20. ATB The Dj - 2trance - In My Dreams (M.O.R.P.H. vs Van Eyden Remix).mp3
21. ATB The Dj - Blank And Jones - Summer Sun (Original Mix).mp3

- Rosco -

Shreddie Squares -- Wednesday, April 7 2004

what you need:

2.2 qt or 2 L pan or what ever that size
5 cups Shreddies
2 table spoons butter
5 cups marshies

melt the marshies and butter till they're like smooth with no noticable marshies on low heat, and keep mixing them.

add the shreddies and mix like a mother fucker (gonna need some upper body for this one)

spread the shit in the pan and using a buttered spatula and then toss it in the fridge..done!!!

the texture is like way different then rice krispy treats

- Rosco -

NEW EVENT -- Monday, April 5 2004

well sorta...its from februrary...but im pretty sure its new to most of you.

click to see new and surprising things!!

- Rosco -

yeah for national drive slow when dennis is around day/week/year -- Monday, April 5 2004

i mean like WHEN EVER i get into my car it must send out a signal to everyone within like a kilometer of me to instantly slow down and drive like they have cataracts

just move the fuck out of my way and i wont be tempted to smash some other peoples windows

- Rosco -

just thinking bout something -- Thursday, April 1 2004

i watched the movie "THEY" over the weekend...and i must say the second time around in the company of this tasty made the movie experience just that much better...maybe this should happen on a regular basis?!?!

and this would be a first...posting the pic of a girl im seeing.
i feel all like bubbly inside...oh wait its just gas

- Rosco -

its good to be Canadian (sometimes) DOWNLOADING SONGS -- Thursday, April 1 2004

Federal Court of Canada Justice Konrad von Finckenstien's March 31 ruling on downloading music from the internet was seen as a major setback by the music industry and a victory by internet service providers.

The Canadian Recording Industry Association wanted a court order to identify 29 uploaders that CRIA claims illegally posted hundreds of songs on the internet. Finckenstein refused and without the names, CRIA cannot take legal action for damages.

"No evidence was presented that the alleged infringers either distributed or authorized the reproduction of sound recordings," von Finckenstein wrote in his 28-page ruling. "They merely placed personal copies into their shared directories which were accessible by other computer users via a P2P service."

downloading music is just like being at a library!

here's to you music industry for the many years of high priced cd's filled with mostly crap!

- Rosco -