May 2003

as per Sabre777's tipping rules -- Thursday, May 22 2003

if you want to give a girl money cause of how she looks then go to a strip club...

when i go to the matter whos serving me and how hot she is....she fucks up shes not gettin jack from me!

so sabre777's opinions are not that of everone here at Phi

- Rosco -

Tips on Tips -- Thursday, May 22 2003

Ever wonder where they get the idea that you need to pay your waitress a certain percent more then what the food establishment is already gouging you?

Well I do.. and I have come up with a fool proof way of establishing just how much you should tip that kind waitress that has to wait on your messy ass.

Sabre777's Rules of Performance Based Tipping

The lowest you should ever tip is 10%, or so they say. Personally if the waitress is a door knob.. and can't tell the difference between a coke and a sprite.. then I don't think she deserves any tip. But if the waitress does do any of the following, she deserves the appropriate tip.

10% Tip
This is automatic if she is a hot chick. She doesn't even have to say anything.. just show up at the table shake her ass... and it's all good.

15% Tip
To get 15% it takes a bit more work.. ESPECIALLY if they are not hot. The waitress must get all orders right on the first try, and must also make witty and funny remarks. Hey it’s “Show Time” and they better be putting on a good show for all this extra cash.

Although all a hot waitress has to do is flirt a bit.. and she is in.. even if she does mess up the orders.

20% Tip
If all the proceeding happens.. and your drink is never completely empty. So when you go to take a drink your not disappointed.. then the waitress will get her much earned 20%.

Above 20% Tip
To get above a 20% tip, especially when you have a big group of people and the bill will be huge… the waitress better be hot and coming home with you.. otherwise it shouldn’t be done.

- Sabre777 -

Oh Christina, you little devil you -- Friday, May 16 2003

"Christina Aguilera has hit out at critics of her new curvy shape - accusing them of encouraging eating disorders."

funny thing that whole gaining weight is

just a little thought...from someone who's no expert on the whole matter BUT wouldnt putting on alot of weight be part of an eating disorder?

19 pounds in a few months with out being pregnant seems a little unhealty from what i know about weight gain

- Rosco -

North American Water Torture. -- Tuesday, May 6 2003

As you can see from the picture of the "all mighty maytag", it can't do "everything". We stood there for a good 20 mins, and watched to see if infact it could wash those dishes. But as you can see.. it tried and failed.

I guess it could be because it is not hooked up to water or electricity yet.. but who knows.

Nothing like having to handwash dishes as a brandnew dishwasher stares you in the face.

Ack.. I hope it gets installed soon.


- Sabre777 -


i dont think i need to say more then for you to just take a quick peek at the pic down there!

- Rosco -

**Breaking News** - Windsor power shortage -- Monday, May 5 2003

This just in:

"Windsor residents are now being asked to turn their base board heaters, and fireplaces down. Do to the 'Local Warming Effect'. Windsor is now in a 'Extreme Heat Warning', and local officials have called in the experts to try and locate the last few citizens that have not yet turned their heat down. One by stander said "Ya its like a furnace down here.. can't even wear a sweater.. and I had to find my flip flops." More on this to come."

As you can see there is a sevre problem with the temperature in windsor.. it is out of control.
I sure hope they can slow down this dramatic increase in temperature they are having.


- Sabre777 -

**Weather Update** -- Monday, May 5 2003

Ok, Like honestly this joke is getting old really quick.

How can there be a 12 degree difference CENTIGRADE between here (Kitchener) and there (Windsor).

Honestly that is a bunch of BULL DOODY.

The other day we even saw "light snow" for the kitchener area on the weather network.
And people laugh at me and say i'm crazy when I mention that summer is 11 months away. Oh really? Who's crazy now, Jackass.

Check it out...

- Sabre777 -

Forum Update -- Monday, May 5 2003

Ok, Did everyone not notice that I put up a real working forum. Honestly it is a real forum.. it works and everything.

But it is missing one thing.. POSTS. That's right I need you to fill it up with posts.

I added a few more sections.. to help the process along a bit. And if you want some more sections.. then submit them in the phi ideas sections.

Really it is there go look.. a forum all shiny and new.. No pop ups.. No Ads.. And now with new lime flavour.


- Sabre777 -

correction for sabre777.... -- Thursday, May 1 2003

secquence of events

its not 100 million its eleventy billion!

- Rosco -

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- Thursday, May 1 2003

*Runs around Nekked screaming something about friggin snow*

- Sabre777 -