May 2004

Voting -- Monday, May 31 2004

so who am im NOT voting for this year?


anyone else is fair game i guess

- Rosco -

so about emule... -- Sunday, May 30 2004

well ive had it for around a month now....ive dled over 15 gigs of music and 11 games....both of which i have little time to actually take a look at...ill install a game and then see that theres another one to go, ill look through a few albums ive dled and then have 5 or 6 to look at...

shesh all the dling im doing, all the money im taking from those poor people at the music and game industries head quarters *sarcasm*(id post what they make but hell im too lazy to find out..and everyone knows its alot regardless of what they say)

- Rosco -

GO HERE QUICK! -- Thursday, May 27 2004

well if you want to see something about angie and me...if you dont then dont go here

this be the link

- Rosco -

Presidents choice white cheedar kraft dinner -- Thursday, May 20 2004

OMG it sucks

there's like no flavor

i saved like .40 cents for

- Rosco -

ok to everyone asking -- Wednesday, May 19 2004

this is my baby girl
shes the reason i dont talk to you on msn or call you(you know who you are), you'd have to come up with something better then her...and since i picked her out of all of you that gives you an idea of what chance you have

- Rosco -

this email spam is fucking rediculess -- Tuesday, May 11 2004

i got home from being in windsor for like 3 days

1688 spam emails

so now UNLESS the sender is in my addy book the email wont even be downloaded from the Rogers Email Server

ill let those assholes deal with the shit i get..maybe then they might do something bout it

- Rosco -

the chronicles of riddick -- Thursday, May 6 2004

it looks like a good ass movie....ive been told that its like part of the Pitch Black movie..a continuation or something..either way it looks tits!

like omg..its the trailer!!

- Rosco -

So life is good...why you ask? -- Thursday, May 6 2004

here's why (list is not limited to these points)

cruzin around with my tunes bumpin, windows down and making old people hate my guts/roll up there windows.

the nice ass weather we have...well half of the year that is ;)

downloading programs that increase my song archive by leaps and bounds and the fact that its legal..w00t!

how im alive, and well, and very good looking.

- Rosco -