May 2005

can't they even try to make sense? -- Friday, May 20 2005

so meineke has this commercial right where this guys at the side of the road cause his car has "broken down" where there is steam comming from the open hood and hes kicking the car. Then the commercial goes to that george forman guy saying "dont let this happen to you, get new break pads and rotors installed..blah blah"

HELLO last time i checked the radiator was NOT attached in any way to the break system?....maybe if the breaks some how caught fire and kept burning, they still wouldnt over heat the engine....

god i hate stupid commercials

- Rosco -

Free at last ... free at last... -- Monday, May 16 2005

I'm not sure who started the best site ever. But if I ever meet the creaters behind I will have to give them a hug.

I love my msn, and yes Microsoft has come along way. But sometimes I find that they take it too far. Microsoft wants to protect us from each other. For instance, in the past week I have had 4 of my friends try to send me a pic over msn.. only to have "msn thinks a .jpg is bad and you can't send them no more" message come up.

Well I thanks to mess I can get rid of that solely annoying thorn in my side.

Thank you mess, you guys rock.

Fight the power :)

- Sabre777 -

-- Saturday, May 14 2005

dennis and angie say:


- Rosco -

BIRTHDAY -- Friday, May 13 2005

today its mine
tomorrow its sabre's

but back to today....MINE!

- Rosco -

in this world and the next... -- Sunday, May 8 2005

im a tree pusher

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hmmm i say hmmmm -- Tuesday, May 3 2005

Well yes I think you are once again taking over the role of lead post whore. Which is good I think :P

I wish I had pictures of horsey's and Kitty's to post or weird bearded guys. But all I got is this.


- Sabre777 -

that was the best! -- Monday, May 2 2005

burger i have ever made!

and what else is the best is when you get some solicitations for money and then you're like:


sometimes they dont seem to care and just keep asking, but that doesnt happen all that often

and yes i DO know im going to hell so i dont need anyone to get mad...or hate mail me...wait...i've never gotten a single e-mail...even when i had like a small army of bitches that were after my nuts...

- Rosco -

not sure what to say? -- Monday, May 2 2005

- Rosco -