June 2003

sour milk supa fly -- Monday, June 30 2003

I was just sitting there making some apple and banana bread...and then i noticed some really loud hellicopter type sound right in the kitchen.

I couldnt see at first where it was comming from till I noticed behind the clementines...this HUGE ass supa fly the was all over the spilt sour milk that had oozed over that way

I left the house after seeing him/her...I didnt need that kind of problem on my hands...him/her finished up, opened the door and kindly said "thank you" as it flew to the next house

- Rosco -

about stuff -- Thursday, June 26 2003

for the star wars game..i got it all figured out....dont get it....look at all the money you save...

$80 here....$20 a month there

wow so simple....im a gen...gin..smart guy

oh yah and other thing

an "impulse buy" does not include getting in your car, going to a specific store for a specific product...
just a little info for yah

- Rosco -

Pre-Order.. The Demise of Impulse Buying -- Thursday, June 26 2003

NOTE: This is my second posting because coranto felt my first one needed to be reset. MFAH’s

So you have heard the rumors.. and they are true. Star wars galaxies (SWG) is now available at a store near you. Or is it?

Well unless you pre-ordered along with all the 100,000,000 12 year olds.. that spent 2 months allowance to pre-order SWG.. (10$) Then you are shit out of luck, of course as the kid at the EB Games stated, “Well ya we do have SWG, but we don’t even have enough to fill our pre-orders, so we can’t sell it too you. Sony only made a certain amount because they don’t want to overload their servers.” He then went on to say that if I wanted a copy today I would have to drive a crazy distance out of my way.

Well personally Sony can go blow a goat.. along with EB Games. I’ll wait a month and get it for half off. That’s the only way to fight the big greedy guys.. hit em where it hurts the pocket book.

As I left the EB Games, seeing that my hopes of making an impulse buy where blocked, I ranted “Well screw Sony then.” And left the store. My hopes are actually that Half Life 2 *drools* or Home World 2 come out soon. Then as I can give SOE and all those over priced MMORPG’s out there the finger. And get on with playing some real games.. quality games.. impressive blow your mind almost make you crap your shorts.. kinda games.

Ponder this for a moment, you go to a store to buy (if you can) a game for 70 or 80 dollars.. then on top of that you have to pay 15$ US that is like 24$ Canadian.. a month to play. Why in God’s green earth are they not letting you download the game for free. I have to agree with my friend, why should you have to pay. Either we pay for the software and play for free.. or get the software for free and pay to play. Don’t double ding us like a guy on the corner hustling Rolodax’s.

Gaming companies need a swift kick in the balls, for the crap they put us through. It should be illegal for a company to charge full price for a game that is incomplete, SWG is NO WHERE near ready for the open market.. it might have been ready in 2 or 3 more months… Maybe.

Did anyone get into the open beta? Oh wait SWG didn’t have one.. well at least not a free one.. They are making you pay to beta test.. now there is an idealistic world. Have someone pay you to find your mistakes.

SWG is like a brand new car on the lot, it is sexy and stylish.. but you don’t see the little things that are wrong when taking a quick drive by the new car lot. Like the fact that the rear bumper is missing and it only has 3 wheels. Ya it looks like a car, and a nice one at that.. but is no where near ready for the road.

Well there is my 2.5 cents and 15$ US a month worth.


- Sabre777 -

Phi Nu Sigma Stuff -- Thursday, June 26 2003

From the people that brought you "Two guys watching a dishwasher" comes the second installment of torture and ridicule.

You can now flaunt your knowledge of knowing about the site that is so small that not even the people running it can find it sometimes.

That's right.. you too can now own a piece of the PHI.

The ONE Store is now open for you delight.

Props go out to Grand Master Nub, on his excellent work on the Phi Nu Sigma logo.. awesome work Nub. Thanks.


OH YA.. the link LOL.. guess you want to know where to go.. well try this ONE.

- Sabre777 -

Wow. -- Wednesday, June 11 2003

oh look at the family they are so cute, the mother, the father, aaawwww the children... WHAT WOULD YOUR FAMILY DO IF YOU DIED?!

Insurance, apparently you can't "live" without it.

- Vectoron -