June 2004

so here's some pussy for all you guys -- Monday, June 28 2004

PUSSY...cant get enough of it!!!

- Rosco -

not that i condone this action -- Monday, June 28 2004


- Rosco -

YEAH!!!! -- Monday, June 28 2004

After a bit of a rest.. the site is now back up.

Why it was down.. I think some British Columbian Beaver was the problem. Or did the beaver help get it up. I'm not sure.. but definately there was some sorta beaver involvment. Maybe its ass bumped the cable out of the modem, while it was trying to move the log back and forth... WHO KNOWS..

Good thing.. site is back up.


- Sabre777 -

Bomberman Generations -- Monday, June 21 2004

this game is like cheap right, so i figured that my girl and i could have some fun playing this cause its like up to a 4 player right?


the multi player section is fucking PUS, i got like so bored of it..and i usually dont when i kick ass but beating my gf with out using any skill just wasnt fun...it was more like you just put bombs down and hope the other person ran into them or killed them self(right ang?)

see this wonderful game!!

- Rosco -

i guess my friends really do pay attention... -- Friday, June 18 2004

got this today...
didnt know you cared
"sniff" "sniff"...i think im gonna cry, or at least fake it

read down a few posts to really get it

- Rosco -

the Pope's new stance on viewing sins -- Thursday, June 17 2004

kind of wierd...but what ever

- Rosco -

i love... -- Wednesday, June 16 2004

dling a tone of music and finding a song slightly remixed from a song you haven't listened to in a few years

Solid Session - Janeiro

still love this song

oh yah and the FIESTA SALAD at mcdonalds fucking BLOWS
its like eating the ass out of a dead hooker

- Rosco -

stuff -- Wednesday, June 9 2004

driving through a small town, seeing some people sitting on a bench and a guy walking around acting tough, a few hours later seein the same people doing the same things: sad

road kill passed: 6
unconfimed: 4?

scenery: beautiful

smell: unplesent

ice cream: awesome

fun: alot

- Rosco -

nice email i get...on occation -- Tuesday, June 1 2004

from: qgxtexrgl@canada.com

Subject: your life could be bigger teethed gina

my life is now complete..cause well this teethed gina is some sort of...wait a fucking minute...what fucking language is this?

teethed: "to grow teeth, to cut ones teeth"

so this growing teeth gina will help me? this prolly wont be good for me if some girl whos growing teeth wants to help me

- Rosco -