June 2005

Who says? -- Wednesday, June 22 2005

LOL.. Who says we have to be consistent on our posting :P what fun would there be if you knew every tuesday and thrusday we would have posts... pffft I say pffft.

When i get around to it i'll post a bit of a review on batman begins.

Or how about now :P

The movie fricking rocks.. go see it.. infact when you there.. buy another set of tickets for 4 hrs later and watch it again :)

"Does it come in black?" LOL awesome.. gotta love the batmobile.. or is that a battank?

Even the girlfriend loved it.. her comment "I really liked that movie.. and it explained everything.. so it doesn't leave you going Huh??.. like other movies(of that type)."

Now that is some good praise :)


- Sabre777 -