July 2003

*cough* *cough* -- Saturday, July 26 2003

Dime Spick..ah choo.

My heb aches.. and i'm all stuffed ub.


*sniff* *sniff*

- Sabre777 -

Damn it!!! -- Thursday, July 24 2003

ive got a cold...so im not a happy camper!

thanx vec...i really wish you would get with girls that didnt have the "dose"

and now sabres sick too.....real nice!

- Rosco -

And yes... -- Tuesday, July 22 2003

my car IS blue

what are the chances of that?

- Rosco -

WTF.. -- Tuesday, July 22 2003

And I get a ticket for 155km on the 401?? Guess the cops are too busy with me to see the streak of blue metal from someone elses car.

PFFT.. cops.. gotta love em.

BTW.. the guy tailgating me.. was doing 155 too.. where is is he.. not pulled over thats for sure.


- Sabre777 -

Fun on the 401....Dennis style -- Monday, July 21 2003

- Rosco -

From the Lab of the eval scientist Monkey Dude -- Wednesday, July 9 2003

"I have created the perfect combination of cat and turtle, i call Curtle...it has all the strengths of a cat and a turtle but none of the weekness. Its hard outer shell is able to withstand impacts of large balled up paper, its increadible!!

it still meows alot..i havent been able to get it to stop...and when it gets lost i have to like yell to it so that it knows where i am...BUT mark my words....soon this creation will revolutionize the pet market!!!"

This report was brought to you by someguy...but since he never came back from Monkey Dudes eval lab i'll take the credit for this story...Rosco...yah I did this story..no one else!!!

- Rosco -

LMAO.. now ain't that a kick in the ass. -- Monday, July 7 2003

New Study On Gamers

I think i'll let the article speak for its self.


- Sabre777 -

HEY YOU THERE!!! -- Sunday, July 6 2003

Check out Upcoming Events, theres a new one up in there!

- Rosco -

Summer Movie Reviews...sorta -- Friday, July 4 2003

well because last night(july 3) D-man and I went to see T-3 I thought i would put up some of my thoughts on the movies I have seen this summer so far

T-3 Awesome, on my(meaning NO other person) scale I would give this movie a 9/10 and the only reason it doesnt get a 10 is because of the lack of James Cameron...he kicks ass!

Hulk it was ok, I give it a 6.5/10...there were alot of problems with the movie but i felt entertained....i wont go into detail on stuff I didnt like but lets just say if im size 30 and ballon to size 90+ it would be assumed that my pants would no longer be able to stay intact on my body!

Matrix Reloaded Awesome, it gets a 9/10...if a few scenes had been more realistic it would have gotten a 10 easily

X-2 Awesome, it gets a 8.5/10...nothing that i didnt like about this movie really, it just doesnt stand up to other movies as being SPECTACULAR

- Rosco -