July 2005

what a retard -- Friday, July 15 2005

so over at http://www.transformerslive.com/ a full sized semi-truck has been done up to look like optimus right, well they had a license plate that said "prime 1" and someone stole it. well it was "found" by ROB who as far as im concerned was the one who took it in the first place.
and as a decent (but stupid) human he returned it because they were offering a "reward". which was an Optimus prime 20th ann fig. so lets see, he trades in a ONE IN THE WORLD orginal piece of memorbila for a figure being sold at every comic store, good choice

i would have done the same thing, just like ive never commited a crime..shaa

- Rosco -

some new music -- Thursday, July 14 2005

i just got a hold of the new 30 seconds to mars, what a fucking great job they did again.

also dled some alexisonfire and thats fucking tits as well

if anyones interested just ask, ill send it to yah*

*high speed or better only
thanks i love you!

- Rosco -