August 2004

..Better late then never. -- Sunday, August 29 2004

So after much ruckuss about the new Windows XP service pack 2. I decided to download it. As you all know i'm not your average user, so I was not scared off by all the "OMG THE OS IS FALLING" warning I got.

I did listen to their pleas but in the end I know I want to try it out.

I have to say I am very impressed. Microsoft has done a great job integrating this new firewall into their OS.. and they should have done this 10 years ago.

I have found the firewall VERY easy to use.. and quite powerful. I have used other firewalls like blackice and zonealarms for years.. this is just as good if not better. For the simple reason that it is built buy the makers of the OS it is run on.

Hats off to Microsoft.. finally you fixed the hole in your OS :)


- Sabre777 -

Toolbar Cop to the rescue... -- Thursday, August 26 2004

As most of you know.. running around the WWW can give ya alot of Not so Sexually transmited diseases.. AKA adware, toolbars, popups.. DAMN THEM POPUPS.

Well, there is two schools of though..

1. "disable third party extensions" in your browser and just make everything stop.. even the cool google toolbar.

2. "search and destroy" those bastard programs.

Well to help in my preferred method number 2?

I found this sweet little progie called Toolbar Cop.. so cool it is.. that it instantly made it onto our featured site list :)

Toolbar Cop.. on location

Have fun.. oh btw.. be careful.. cause you can delete stuff you might actually want to use.


- Sabre777 -

Banks.. they hold all the keys.. they guard all the gates... -- Tuesday, August 10 2004

Banks.. what can i say about banks.

Even the good banks.. suck.

Say for instance you deposit a 10,000$ cheque in the automated teller. You then head home check your online banking and see 20,000$ in the bank. You then decide to use the 10,000$ you just deposited to pay back the 10,000$ you used on your visa.

You look at your balance and it says 10,000$ everything is happy go lucky.

Then a cheque for 100$ is posted to your account.. it goes it.. looks ok.. then magically disappears as if it never went in. You wonder.. hmm that is odd. So you check with the person who was cashing the cheque and they say it bounced. SO you call the bank, the bank says.. oh we had 10,000$ on hold. Sorry for the inconvience.

LOL why would a bank show you having money that you can't use.. is beyond me. I think it is a stupid setup and has caused me some trouble this month. HMMM can i get an appolgy in writing ??? Thanks.


- Sabre777 -

Who what where.. -- Monday, August 9 2004


Hmm.. where am I?

Man what did they use on me that was some coma i have been in. :P

Let see if I can post something funny right now.... um nope thats not funny. Hmmm thats not funny either.

Okie i'll try back later after the drugs wear off more.


- Sabre777 -

oh yah.... -- Tuesday, August 3 2004

i was fired from toyota!!!

god what a shit hole of a place..filled with ass kissers and two faced losers, and a hand full of decent people

wasnt worth the money in my books

- Rosco -

firing.. -- Tuesday, August 3 2004

veggies, fruits and a peanutbutter and jam sandwich off your balcony just cries out for some help, but since i see no one...ill continue on

- Rosco -