September 2003

just a passing thought -- Sunday, September 28 2003

what if this was the last time you would ever see the sky?

would you cherish the fact that you could see it?

the colour of the sky?

the ability to see it when ever you want with out having to pay?

just a thought

- Rosco -

the word for this week will be.... -- Monday, September 22 2003


take it or leave it

- Rosco -

so girls eh? -- Friday, September 19 2003

i just dont get them.....

there are 2 things they really want....1 they have right now....and they know it...right there

the other is across the world....and theres no guarantee that this other thing will pan out....

so whats her choice....well of course want the one across the world

brings an old parable to mind

these 2 women were looking for a new place to shop, they come across this new mall that they had never seen before.
so they stop in and right away they are greeted by this person that procceed's to tell them what this mall has to offer them

"this mall has 5 floors. the only way to each floor is using the elevator but it ONLY goes up and once to the top you can NEVER go down or come back again. everything is free but you may only choose one item. would you like to shop?"

the women are very excited and enfatically say they would like to shop

they get onto the elevator and it goes to the first level.

the door opens and the sign says "good looking men"
all around them are handsome, fit men. the girls cant belive their eyes, and spend alot of time looking around. they decide to try the next floor. "what have they got to lose?" they say to each other.

the elevator goes to the second level

the door opens and they sign says "good looking men that are rich". again they are surronded by all these perfect men this time with money.
now they start talking about it. "how can it get any better then this?" one lady says to the other. "i dont know but i have to try the next level" says the other lady.

on to the third level they go

again the door opens and the sign reads "good looking men, with money, and are good with kids"

the women GASP in disbelief. "this cant be true" one says to the other. "now we have to see the next floor" says the other woman.

the doors to the fourth level open and their eyes gloss over at the sigh of what the sign says "good looking men, with money, who are good with kids, and excellent lovers"

they both shout in amazement

but with out hezitation they both decide to see whats on the last level. "i cant wait to see whats next, im going to spend hours looking around on this next level" the one lady says to the other. "not me, im just going to chose who ever and then take off with them somewhere secluded" says the other woman

the door to the fifth and last leve opens, as it does they cant see anything. the sign is in the distance with nothing around. the floor seems very empty. they get to the sign and read it with shock, the sign reads


the moral for you women out there...if there is any, is take whats good thats right infront of you cause if you dont you may never get another chance

- Rosco -

Caveat Emptor -- Friday, September 19 2003

WOW.. I didn't see this coming AT ALL.. LMAO.

The low down .. on the Ghost system.

Seems.. that the system no one has seen.. maybe a ghost after all.

Hmm.. ever hear of the story of yelling wolf???

Gamers are pretty savey for the most part.. and having a system that full fills EVERY single expectation that anyone could ever have for a gaming system.. and gets around the copyright and piracy laws? AMAZING.. feat of God if it can be done.

Sorry.. I think i'll stick with my XBOX from Microsoft? Maybe you have heard of Microsoft? I sure know that I haven't hear of Infinium Labs LOL. Will I be buying this system of theirs.. um no. And I hope no one else does either.


- Sabre777 -

Quick take the site away from me. -- Wednesday, September 17 2003

OMG.. Um.. just watch. LOL

Donka for the meal.

- Sabre777 -

ACK.... -- Wednesday, September 17 2003

Ya but the soap one is 10 times worse.

- Sabre777 -

UGH -- Tuesday, September 16 2003

the coffee one...yah thats the one i dont like

- Rosco -

Levy's vs. Lawsuits -- Tuesday, September 16 2003

SO.. The RIAA has taken 1000 people to court in the states.
Now after talking to some fellow peeps.. about this whole "Private Copying" Law in Canada. We came to the conclusion that Canada is WAY smarter then those dumbass' at the RIAA.

Think about this for a sec..

The RIAA just got one of the doods to pay a 2000$ Fine for "stealing" songs from the web. OK.. so lets say that is the standard fine for the ENTIRE group of 1000 people taken to court. So in the end for 1000 people and "The Fear of the RIAA" they get 2million US buckeroos.

Now lets cross the border.. In 1998 canada put a levy on the recordable media (Incredible foresight by them here canadians). So in the process of 5 years they have gathered up 70 MILLION dollars. AND in 2003 they might be moving this to MP3 players and digital media which will increase that number ALOT I bet double.

Anyways.. so for the population difference what do you think that the states could have made in levy's on recordable media if they had followed Canada's lead :)

Well if the US bought at the same per person ratio they would have made $619,000,000 DOLLARS US. That is a whole hell of alot of cash.

I think it is about time the gov in the states woke up.. pass a "Private copying" law to legalize P2P sharing like canada has. AND put the levy on all the stuff.

Well.. I think the numbers speak for themselves.


- Sabre777 -

An Excerpt... -- Monday, September 15 2003

WOW that is some interesting news, here is an excerpt from the big article Rosco was kind to point out :)

"In fact, you could not have designed a law which more perfectly captures the peer to peer process. "Private copying" is a term of art in the Act. In Canada, if I own a CD and you borrow it and make a copy of it that is legal private copying; however, if I make you a copy of that same CD and give it to you that would be infringement. Odd, but ideal for protecting file sharers.

Every song on my hard drive comes from a CD in my collection or from a CD in someone else's collection which I have found on a P2P network. In either case I will have made the copy and will claim safe harbor under the "private copying" provision. If you find that song in my shared folder and make a copy this will also be "private copying." I have not made you a copy, rather you have downloaded the song yourself.

The premise of the RIAA's litigation is to go after the "supernodes," (Supernodes who's a supernode *Looks Around*) the people who have thousands,(HEHEHE) even tens of thousands of songs on their drives and whose big bandwidth allows massive sharing."


- Sabre777 -

As canadians it is our RIGHT to: -- Sunday, September 14 2003

oh lets say....down load songs off the net for free and not have to answer to any mother fucker*

read with joy if you are canadian

*denotes any person/company/entity who tries to take you fucking hard earned money....i mean come on...the government already takes enough of why let some other fucker take more???...not this guy!

- Rosco -

when the owners are away... -- Sunday, September 7 2003

- Rosco -

So.... -- Friday, September 5 2003

you know what sucks...

i think of stuff to mention on here...while im at when i get home im tired as hell and go to bed shortly after getting here.

and then i wake up and boom! its all gone....


- Rosco -

yes thanx pete! -- Monday, September 1 2003

i AM a most aspects....cept my job i guess

read up on it now...while its still a rather new word!

- Rosco -

Pic of MY MOVE are up in the EVENTS SECTION -- Monday, September 1 2003

go there now!!!!

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