September 2004

a few complaints -- Sunday, September 12 2004

so taco bell....

1/2 a cup of ice? no thanks
ask for a grilled chicken burrito supreme, get steak? no thanks

thats all for there

now lets talk about the county.....where i live

cable modem? nope
high speed dial up? thats a big negative
satellite internet? sure but the UP LOAD speed still requires regular dial up

dial up?...well since it feels like i lose years off of my life when ever it dials, lets just say that i dont log on very often any more

but just to make sure we're all on the same page, i still love where i live and wouldnt want to be anywhere else....ill just be patient untill they decide to grace my area with something other then "beep, beep, zot, buzz, buzz"

- Rosco -