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Heres a little something from the heart... -- Friday, July 29 2005

~~ Recovery ~~

an eternally dark day
looms throughout heavens with unending clouds,
a plethora of ice pelts windows in a mirrored dream
reflecting less, flicker less, though not fear less
than what has reigned before
the frost nips at the deepening void of my event horizon
surging forward with restless enthusiasm

mountains of wind flow through the winding, desolate streets
not a sole, nor a fleeting sound, nor a heartbeat of mine own can be found
lifeless and free I set down the path less traveled,
too cold, wretched and unwanting to be tamed

only, veering to the right,
resistant to, plagued by, the onslaught of serendipitous warmth
a distant memory of home, abandoned to a tangent so long ago
reluctantly revisited in a new threshold, bleeding with nips, cuts,
scratches and holes

A generously granted stretch in the eye

the blackened cavern created by cold,
starts to leave
cut out, booked off,
signed a new found form of surrender
to the prominent rays of light's hope

but wait, focus grants a pleasantry,
a wonder to behold
oh, to scurry over perilous oceans to the other side
below the oak tangible of father time,
a deity's thought, the precious gift of her presence
to all those fortunate enough to conquer the same wave,

Minutes are moments like flurries they melt,
Passion of fire licks at, relentlessly teasing
anxious thoughts of contact dreams hope fear love
exhilarating dismay feigns death and whimpers away
reveling in defeat

Crafted by the angels,
forged in a foundry of metallic beauty,
a masterpiece meticulously melded by strength of will
she sits, not knowing, not realizing,
she has made my day complete

- Face -

SIN City -- Wednesday, May 4 2005

For the first time in a while, I went back to the movie theatre for a night out with some friends and ventured deep into the realm of SIN City. I would have to say that I was impressed. If you can get over the nastalgia from the black and white images, coupled with flares of certain colour... this movie will leave you walking away with a feeling of Pulp Fiction meets comics... Hmmm.. now why would I be saying that. Just have a look at the roster for the film and you have your answer.
What's that you say? Why would you spend your hard earned paper route money on a comic book adaptation? Perhaps because it is a very well written film with a cast of characters that is nothing short of brilliance. Anytime you have a movie with an interesting story line and a load of beautiful women (who can act), you have a must see. The cinematography was incredible. You could almost here the comic book pages turning. Heck I'd even buy some popcorn for this one. So gear up, sit down and enjoy.

- Face -

Logitech MX1000 -- Tuesday, February 8 2005

Well last friday I had a new vistor on my desk. It was a shiny new Logitech MX1000. I have to admit that in the past I have been a Logitech mouse hater. I use Logitech camera's and swear by them but, in my opinion their mice were never up to par with other mice.

I have used many mice in my day everything from a glide pad to the all powerful Razor Mouse. Razer mice were by no stretch of the imagination the appex of the ball mouse revolution. However.. after counter-strike-ing through 3 razor mice, I decided to step up and go optical. Back in the day I had the wired Microsoft Optical Explorer, which worked well. However I found myself dusting off the Razor mouse from time to time to play a game of CS, cause the first versions of the Microsoft Optical were not all the sensitive.

When I finally made the jump to wireless, I got a bit of a sensitivity boost with the wireless Explorer Optical Mouse from Microsoft. However even with the slight bit of performance increase it still was sub par to the Razor mouses accuracy. Oh how I longed for that same feel from a mouse. The one draw back to the Wireless MS mouse, was it sucked up 2 AA batteries a month.. I went through alot of batteries on that bad boy.

When the new Explorer 2.0 Wireless from MS came out, that claimed to get 6 mths of life from 2 AA batteries and be yet again even more sensitive. I was all over it like a fat kid on a smarty. The rumors were infact true, the mouse did act more responsive, and did last at least 6mths on 2AA batteries. However once again, it was not up to Razor mouse standards.

Then last week, half begrudgingly, I put the MX1000 on my desk. This is the worlds FIRST laser mouse, and they aren't lying when they say its accurate. It is simply amazing. The mouse has some key features which i'm not 100% sold on yet.. but I am very quickly growing fond of this little guy.

The mouse boasts 20x sensitivity compared to optical, 8 buttons, side scrolling and Logitech's pattend Cruise control scrolling. And rechargeable lithium Ion battery with a 4 lvl indicator on the mouse.

The mouse does not have smooth scroll wheel like the latest MS mouse, but really it doesn't need it.

The MX1000 is a bit heavier then the Microsoft counterpart, however I have found this weight to be a nice balance. It does not seem to slow me down, and I don't feel like i'm gonna break the thing.

The main buttons are integrated smoothly into the chasis which is a really nice touch and looks cool.

Right now I'm doing a test on how long a single charge will last. So we will see what this baby can do...

I can hear the MX1000 at the store calling to me though.. asking to go home to play with my big bad computer. I don't know I might have to finally break down and go Logitech... Took them long enough to finally make me a product i like. But it was well worth the wait.


- Sabre777 -

Staff Page.. -- Monday, October 25 2004

Well I decided to rate my laziness.. and to use the staff page as an example. I give myself a rating of 10 on the lazy scale.. 10 being the laziest.

Roughly about 2 years ago Rosco asked me to update the staff page.. cause our ages where wrong. I said "sure i'll do it don't worrry"

Well here we are 2 years later.. and I still have not updated the staff page. I do have a good reason though.. I want to make it so we can each update our profile :) like we do the news.. I have just been to lazy to implement my idea.. go fig.

LOL by the time our faithful viewers read this.. I'm sure .. no i'm POSITIVE I will have the staff page updated.

- Sabre777 -

Hostdepartment.com -- Monday, October 25 2004

Well I have got a new host for phinusigma.com.. and I have to say they are a breath of fresh air.

The setup has been pretty smooth.. and if I had read the instructions the site would have had ZERO downtime.

They also have 24/7 live chat support.. which is awesome. I have even used it to figure out why the site was not showing up.. seems I was impatient and it had just not propogated through my ISP yet.. Now everything is cool.

My favorite thing so far... is I can host 5 sites for what I was paying for just PhiNuSigma :) and all 5 sites get all the cool features that Phi had.

HostDepartment.com gets two thumbs up.. for being awesome.

- Sabre777 -

Wendy's Chicken BLT Salad -- Wednesday, October 20 2004

Well... I thought I would do a review of the Wendy's Chicken BLT salad. I have had about 10 of them now.. and everytime it has been excellent.

I have to say they give you alot of salad.. not once have I felt hungry after having one of these salads.

They are $6.89 canadian with taxes in.. so they are not that expensive.. and if you ever look at the bowl and think your getting ripped off.. take it home and dump it on a plate.. its ALOT of salad.

The contents of the salad include:

5 cherry tomato's
4 slices of cucumber
about a half a chicken breast of diced chicken
couple table spoons of bacon
some grated cheddar cheese
a package of croutons
a pacakge of honey mustard dressing (mmmm)
and ofcourse romain lettuce and lots of it

All in all I think it is one of the better healthy quick meals you can get out there. And it is not all that expensive.

I give it two thumbs up.. its mmm mmm mmm good.


- Sabre777 -

i, Robot -- Wednesday, July 28 2004

so it was a pretty good movie, although the first 10 mins are a whole hell of obvious product placements...after that the movie actually gets interesting

(on a side note im getting scared after seeing this movie of how the future will turn out with product placement and such)

i would have to say that the movie gets a 7/10
would have gotten more but well you know why

argh the trailer is here!

- Rosco -

saweeet -- Monday, May 3 2004

So I decided to see if I could do remote updates from my Blackberry RIM 6710. So far this thing is cool, and if you can read this then we know it worked :)

RIM I have to say I'm impressed.


- Sabre777 -

Neon 2000 LX -- Wednesday, January 28 2004

Let me first start off by saying the choices were a fully loaded 2000 neon lx with dealership downgraded rims that they swaped with a shittier neon so that they could sell that one with my rims for more.

A hyundi Accent Demo car.. with a stick shift so loose I could even drive it.. 1 to 5th.. 4th to 2nd.. no prob.. she was so used didn't matter what you did with your stick.

Beat up used honda's.. and i mean beat up.. like face on fire and put out with a hammer beat up.

Brand new sunfire.. fully UNLOADED. I think they even took the seat out and took the gas cap. And it was more expensive then the 2000 neon.

WELL, I happily supported the american car manufacturers. And bought myself the 2000 Neon LX.

After 90,000 km test drive I am now ready to report.

Repairs after 90,000km
- Oil every 5,000km (like clock work)
- 4 new bridgestone bt 70's cause the eagles i had were bald eagles.
- New windsheild thanks to a softball sized rock on the 401.
- pcv valve (finally found that punk)
- 5 air filters
- 2 sets of sparkplugs
- new trunk seal (that was fun.. filled my car with water)
- rear brakes and drums
- front brakes and rotors
- 70 carpet push in snaps to put my rugs back in after the great flood.
- 300 tanks of gas.
- both rear tail lights and i think my middle one is burnt
- both head lights.. and i busted a screw head off.. of this 8 inch screw and havn't bothered to replace yet.
- 50 bottles of window washer fluid
- 15 pairs of wiper blades
- 3 snow brushes
- 2 jumper cables
- set of licence plates (thanks government for taking my money then not giving it back when i gave back the product wtf is up with that)
- sunroof tracking
- sunroof door clips
- automatic locking mechanisms 4 of them LOL drivers side doors.. twice LOL
- 2 sets of window tint
- Battery
- fog lamp assembly a cool 150$ while under warranty.. they dont' fix that kinda stuff LOL nice warranty.

Update: August 5th 2004 156,000 kms
Here are the latest repairs to my neon.
- another set of spark plugs
- another from lamp bulb
- spark plug wires
- ball joints
- control arm bushings
- a few more air filters
- master brake cylinder
- valvues replaced on brake lines
- brake rotors machined
- AC expansion chamber
- AC gasket
- Freeon refill
- Rear shock passenger side

I think that is all of it.. I'll keep this list updated LOL


Now i got a new problem, it seems at sometime in the past 3 months my car has decided to go from desert dry to amazon rain forrest wet. With the cool effect of having to scrap the ice off my windows.. ON THE INSIDE OF THE CAR.

The humidity is so high that in the winter if I turn off my defrosters in 2 mins my windows fog.. in 5 mins i can't see.. and in 10 mins they ice over LOL.

After my experience with my first american car.. I have to say that it is an outspoken statement of the quality that comes out of the america's. CRAP.

I personally will now turn my attention to the Honda's, and get myself a car with a proven track record.

May the best honda win LOL


- Sabre777 -

Lord of the Rings Return of the King -- Monday, December 22 2003

fucking sweet!~

thats all i have to say...i wonder how many friggin times im gonna see this movie..like maybe eleventy billion?
yes that aint a number...YET!


eat it bitches!

- Rosco -

Nickelback: The Long Road -- Friday, November 21 2003

Well this CD I bought is a piece of SHIT.

I can't use winamp or windows media player to play it in my computer.

And the player they supply with it to listen to it on your computer has such crappy sound and pops and hisses it is like listening to a record player.

Don't buy this cd.. heck don't buy any cd with the copy controlled label on the back.

I say boycott the punks who use this shit on their cd's.. and download it off the net just to drive it home to them that it don't work.

I give this cd a -$18.99 out of 10

Nickelback.. you suck.

- Sabre777 -

MMM MMM Good -- Monday, September 15 2003

Ya I tried these.. ya they are awesome.
Takes a bit of practice.. and feel free to put 1 inch of chocolate on top.. >:)

Chocolate skor bars

1 sleeve of saltine crackers
1 cup of butter/margarine
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups of chocolate chips or 1 1/2 cups chocolates chips and 1/2 cups butterscotch chips

line cookie sheet with foil, lay crackers salt side up
in a pan melt butter and stir in brown sugar, stir until well blended
spread evenly over crackers
cook in 350 degree oven for 10 minutes - carefully remove so as not to disturb the crackers too much
sprinkle chips over the crackers/butter

let sit for about 1 minute then spread the melted chips smooth
Refrigerate for 1 hour before cutting into squares

- Sabre777 -

"THEY" the movie -- Sunday, September 14 2003

its a scurry movie by WES CRAVEN

yo i was scurred!...i dont get scurred very easily...like the RING wasnt scurry to me...but this movie....wow it was great...im still a little anxious right now

this would be a great movie to have a little tasty with you...she'd be all up on you most of the movie..yo!

im gonna have to buy this dvd....it will be a great movie to watch...specially around halloween!

out of 10 for scurryness i would give it 9.5
there were a few boring parts in the movie though...not long...like 5 mins or so where they could have done without.

but have a look, im sure you wont be dissapointed by its scurryness


- Rosco -

New GI Joe 3 3/4 inch figure -- Wednesday, April 2 2003

Although a very nice figure and very oroginal, it was lacking in many ways making it a terrible purchase

Things that were bad:

  1. cheap plastic, broke in many places

  2. anthrax NOT included...wtf??

  3. the jihad Joe cave hide out never came!!

  4. there was no realistic smell

  5. an orange gun...I mean really now

  6. the turban was NOT removable

  7. didnít even have an AK-47...like wtf is up with that

  8. no cool sayings like "in the name of Allah", or "die infidel"

  9. I would not recommend this purchase to anyone unless you have a good supply of M-80's

- Rosco -

Compaq Armada 1700 Laptop -- Monday, March 31 2003

Piece O' Shit.

- Sabre777 -

Compaq Armada 1750 Laptop -- Monday, March 31 2003

3% more Shity then the Compaq Armada 1700 Laptop.

- Sabre777 -

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