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Name: "Sabre777"
A.K.A.: -X-, Ghost-X, XsiFactor, Sabre

ICQ: 4477210
Age: 24 years
Job: Webmaster, Lead Programmer
Goals: World Domination, Own his own country, eat more spam for lunch.

Sinister and Eval, Sabre777 is the mastermind behind the workings of Phi Nu Sigma. He is responsible for quite a few websites on the net. And is preparing his army for the take over. Soon.. very soon. >: )

Name: "Rosco P Coletrain"
A.K.A.: Titan777, Iconoflask
ICQ: 27029979
Age: 24 years
Job: Lead Reviewer, Lead Whiner, Lead "Boy this stuff sucks ass"

Goals: Women, cars, women, money, and we can't forget women.

Angry when he is lonely, tamed by the female population. Rosco P Coletrain is a ravenous carnivore of hardware and software. Master of the "whine", he has tasted the many flavours. He has taught Sabre777 most of what he knows but reserves the special "tips and tricks" for himself. Elite Canadian Camper by day, Pimp by night. All are shadowed by his "Hardcore Pimipin Style", phear his leet pimpin skillz.

Name: "Vectoron"
A.K.A.: S.W.C, Vec
Age: 18 years
Job: Lead Flash, Reviewer, Assisstant Programmer
Goals: Sleep, Game, Eat.

Brother of the mastermind, and self proclaimed freedom fighter. Vectoron has gone up against many opponents, many larger then himself. Some of his best work includes Tormenting "Da Clique", and rallying the scum of the universe to form TPA in order to undermine the efforts of many. The universe trembles at his impudence.... when he isn't asleep.


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